Pro Partner Conference May 3-4, 2017


ron smith

Owner, Ron Smith Consulting & Coaching

Throughout his HVAC business career, starting in 1961, Ron Smith has enjoyed starting new ventures, developing and applying new creative ideas, freely sharing information and introducing enthusiastic and bright people to the industry. Many of his operational systems and processes, and marketing and sales programs, are in wide use throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries. Ron founded, co-founded, owned, had or currently has an ownership in seventeen businesses. Additionally, he served as COO of Service Experts before Lennox acquired the company in 2000— and one of only 33 people to have been elected to Contracting Business magazine's HVAC Hall of Fame. In 2014, Contracting Business magazine published an article titled, "The 22 most influential people in the HVACR industry." Ron was listed as number four. Ron is a contributor to several HVAC publications and the best selling author of HVAC Spells Wealth, the HVAC Light Commercial Service Agreements book, and most recently "More and New" HVAC Spells Wealth.

Dr. Ron Collier

President, Collier Consulting Group

In 1991, Dr. Collier established the Collier Consulting Group, becoming an HVAC consultant to businesses all over the United States. Today, his group of professionals provides business development instruction, accounting services, individual consulting, industry-specific software, and a catalog of business products for all sizes of HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical businesses. The Collier Consulting Group has been instrumental in the development of innovative, award-winning products, such as Collier Mobile Tech, Collier Desktop and Internet Flat Rate Systems, and ProfitTracker.

Weldon Long

President, weldon long Organization

In 2003, Weldon Long walked out of a homeless shelter and grew his HVAC and plumbing company from $0 to $20,000,000 in sales. In 2009, his company was selected by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America. The Sales and Prosperity Mindset System that catapulted him from a life of desperation and poverty to a life of purpose and prosperity is now available to your residential HVAC company. This powerful and proven program is guaranteed to dramatically and permanently improve your sales results.

mike robinson

GM Contractor Training, Consulting & Vendor partner programs –EGIA

Mike Robinson is responsible for developing and executing EGIA's enhanced contractor training and vendor discount offerings. Mike's focus is on delivering exceptional training value for EGIA Members along with building relationships with strategic vendor partners to help EGIA members reduce their overall costs of doing business. Mike has been an owner of and trainer and consultant to HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical contracting businesses for over 25 years, was the President of one of the industry's first HVAC training affinity groups and led the development of the first Vendor Rebate & Discount program in the industry. Mike holds a BS in Computer Science, is a CPA and has a graduate degree in Marketing and Finance from the Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern University.

Brigham Dickinson

President, Power Selling Pros

Brigham Dickinson is president and founder of Power Selling Pros, a leading coaching and training firm dedicated to teaching businesses to wow more customers. Brigham started Power Selling Pros when he saw that call handlers needed assistance consistently converting calls to bookings. As a result, Brigham answered the need by creating the Pattern for Excellence, a sequence of principles that guides call handlers through all stages of a call, from greeting to closure. In 2009, Power Selling Pros trained six call handlers—now they're up to 450, from more than 130 companies around the globe. Power Selling Pros' growth comes through referrals alone, thanks to this proven call-handling process and their high level of customer satisfaction.


Join us and explore two categories of valuable and exciting breakout sessions.
You'll learn from the best about how to master business management, sales best practices and so much more. Take advantage of the experience and insights of our industry's MVPs to help grow your sales and build on your success.

Please note that during registration, you WILL BE ASKED TO select one course from each TRAINING category – So pick what is most relevant to your business.Space is limited, register early.

business management


Using Flat Rate Pricing to Improve Profitability, Productivity and Compensation
Dr. Ron Collier

Even though flat rate pricing has been in our industry for almost 40 years, not all contractors have signed onto the concept. In this workshop, you will learn the REAL definition of flat rate pricing, how it can improve your performance inside and outside of the industry, how it can help you attract better technicians, and how you can also use national standards for performance-based pay compensation. Flat rate pricing has saved many businesses and has improved the relationships with all kinds of customers. Join us as we examine flat rate pricing at a new level.


mastering the steps to sustainable profitability
mike robinson

One of the most overlooked keys to sustainable profitability is financial planning and budgeting, yet it's one of the most, if not the most, challenging activity for most contracting business owners. In this breakout session, Mike will simplify the step-by-step process for developing a long-term strategic revenue and profit plan including financial budgeting considerations and capital needs planning with an optimized organizational structure. From this long term strategic plan, Mike will help you understand how to develop a one-year budget with daily performance measurements.


inbound call center success
Brigham dickinson

The web has leveled the playing field for the home service business. Search engines like Google have empowered customers with the ability to search for your company and for your competition. To be a successful contractor today, you must equip your Customer Service Representatives with the training and tools they need to deliver a "wow" experience for the inbound caller. In this breakout session, Brigham will show you how to compete in the customer-driven information age, how to connect with customers beyond a script to close more inbound calls, how to consistently book service agreements, and how to create the "wow" experience over the phone to schedule more calls and build your brand.


what highly Successful contractors do
Ron Smith

Ron Smith's experience as a business owner and consultant has shown him what makes an HVAC contractor highly successful or one of many failed businesses. Even the best contractors can have problems managing and growing a profitable business. In this course, Ron will discuss items like the importance of determining your markets, which segments to focus on, how to determine your portfolio of products and services, and how to create a pricing strategy for your products and services.

SALES excellence


the significance of business branding
mike robinson

To sustain revenue growth and profitability, a successful contractor aligns their business "branding strategy" around their market/service area, their personal core competencies, and the core competencies of their employees. Pricing, cost structures, capital expenditures, and marketing and advertising strategies are all built from the appropriate "branding strategy" of the business. In this breakout session, Mike will overview the market evaluation and "self-evaluation" process any successful contractor goes through to maximize revenues and profits through an optimum business strategy, including market segmentation and financial considerations.


get your sales right
Weldon long

This program will teach you how to identify objections proactively and eliminate these objections before they arise when navigating the "Sales Hallway." You will learn how to generate more business from existing customers as well as how to convert more new sales. Also, you will learn how to close business by relying on high service, not high pressure.


the future of HVAC
ron smith

Ron Smith, noted HVAC contractor, business developer, and national speaker has some ideas on where the HVAC business is going—and he wants to share them with you! Electricity prices will rise faster than inflation, the industry will continue to face a manpower shortage, equipment will troubleshoot itself, marketing will be more complex, and contractor alliances will become stronger. Yet, with all of this disruption, contractors will still be needed to perform sales, service, installations, and retrofit. Come learn more about how you can use these insights to create business strategies for your company.


Performance-based pay for hvac personnel
Dr. Ron Collier

Ever wonder why when you advertise for great techs or great installers, many do not apply? Most of the time it is the unknown of compensation and advancement. Through Performance-Based Pay (PBP), you can shift your payroll from those who earn more than they should, to those who deserve it. Learn how to set up a PBP program in your company, how to meet Department of Labor Standards, and how to easily show workers how to advance through your company. Don't hire and reward employees. Hire and reward the BEST employees!

Pro Tackle Drill

What are the top challenges you face as an HVAC contractor every day? We're here to help you tackle them. At registration, we'll survey attendees on their biggest on-the-job challenges. We’ll then have a candid panel discussion made up of your fellow contractors, along with industry facilitator Eric Alan Howarth. It'll be a full contact, meet problems head-on look at how you can overcome daily obstacles to improve your game.

Eric Alan HowarthVP Contractor Services EGIA

As Vice President of Contractor Services, Eric is responsible for developing and executing EGIA's overall contractor services strategy. Additionally, Eric leads the ongoing development and management of EGIA’s Contractor Membership and GEOSmart Financing Clearinghouse and has extensive sales, training, marketing and strategic partnering experience. Eric has facilitated over 3.5 billion dollars in energy efficiency and renewable energy financing through EGIA’s extensive network of manufacturers, distributors, utilities and contractors.

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